Lorna Shore - Pain Remains

I don't think I have had an album recommended to me by more people in quite some time than Pain Remains by Lorna Shore. Deathcore has never been a favourite genre of mine, but I was told that this would be right up my alley, and everyone was right.

Pain Remains goes much further than just being another Deathcore album combining elements of Death, Black and Symphonic metal into a style that had started to become a little tired to make it like nothing I have ever heard before.

Score: 9 / 10

Published: 23 October 2022

Genre: Metal

Release: Pain Remains


More Than Deathcore

'Core' genres are something that have definitely had their time, after a while it all starts to sound the same and it is clear Lorna Shore really wanted to step away from the cliche and create something with a lot more substance to it.

The first thing that grabs me is the many different vocal tones, from the sharp to the guttural, the different vocal performances are all incredibly well performed and could fit well on so many records. There is only one vocal part that catches me a little off guard as it kind of reminds me of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch if it got into Cradle Of Filth, not going to lie, definitely still loved it, but it took me out for a moment.

This more than Deathcore vibe caries on through the instrumentation with large symphonic backdrops, choral sections, and more melodic guitar solos than I am used to hearing on an album with this kind of label attached to it.

Of course it still has more breakdowns than you would think any band could fit into an album and enough festival sized pit moments to still make this feel like Deathcore at the core. So don't worry if you go see Lorna Shore live still expect to live in the pit with incredible brutality hitting your ears.

Powerful Production

These kinds of albums are very hard to produce. You have so many layers going on at once that after a while it becomes about the impact of the wall of sound rather than the detail in each of the instruments. There isn't a load you can do about that if you want the punch in the face feeling this album gives off.

What I will say is that even though some details can get lost at times they know the right times to bring out certain instruments to the front to highlight the melody of most importance. For example when the guitars are playing in the lower register they are getting lost in the bass and lower sections of the string sections. In those moments though I find either the vocals or the orchestra take the lead with the guitar coming more into view as they work their way up the fretboard for more detailed lines that direct melody.

A huge win for this album in terms of production is that I haven't found a rig it sounds bad on yet, I have tried it with different speakers and headphones and at no point did anything stand out negatively. A great sign of a well mastered and balanced album.

Pure Brutality

If you came in expecting anything other than insane brutality delivered straight to your ears I don't know what to tell you. It is fast, powerful, heavy, in your face and yet accessible at the same time compared to a lot of similar albums.

Anyone into extreme metal needs to have this in their queue in the near future before someone comes to take the throne of modern extreme metal away from them.

Created with love by Ben Greener